Faucus Spring WMA

Faucus Springs Wildlife Management Area (Faucus Spring WMA) 

Faucus Springs, now known as the Chet and Jane Fleisbach WMA located in Morrill County just east of the historic landmark of Chimney Rock, consists of 433 acres of wetland and upland habitat on the south side of the North Platte River and comprises a significant freshwater and saltwater marsh.  

Under the Wildlife Management of the Nebraska Game and Parks, this area provides for deer, dove, pheasant and waterfowl hunting.  

In recent years, the marsh area has been home to the first pair of SandHill Cranes to nest in Nebraska in modern times. It provides sanctuary for many migrating waterfowl and nesting and brooding habitat for many shore birds.

This significant marsh was preserved with the generosity of the Fleisbach sisters through a donation to the Nature Conservancy and dedicated to their parents, Chet and Jane Fleisbach.

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