Come Prepared & Enjoy The Outdoors

Platte River Basin Environments invites everyone to enjoy the outdoors. Our protected land will be preserved to generations to come if we all work together. Kindly read through our frequently asked questions to ensure guidelines are followed and a safe environment is maintained for all that call the Platte River Basin home. For additional information, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no assigned trails for hiking.

Parking areas are marked and signs are posted for public use.

No motorized vehicles allowed. Walk-in only.

Camping is allowed in parking areas only. Length of stay will follow Nebraska Game and Parks restrictions. No open fires are allowed.

Yes, the Platte River Basin is home to many different species of birds. Take a look at our information on Bird Watching to learn more and download your guide.

Horseback riding is allowed. You must close gates immediately after crossing through. There are stock tanks available for animals seasonally.

No. Bring your own water.

Hunting is allowed in all areas. Please see individual maps and descriptions for restrictions.

Fishing is allowed on all properties, although the North Platte River properties are the best choice for stream and river fishing.

The Platte River Basin is full of wonderful wildflowers!

Review our page on Wildflower Identification to learn more about what you might see and pick up a wildflower identification book at the Wildcat Hills Nature Center

We do not currently have detailed maps for all of our locations.  Check the individual location for additional information.

Thank you for your interest in supporting Platte River Basin Environments. We are a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Your donations help to preserve the area for generations to come. Learn more about making a donation.

All trash is your responsibility. Carry it out and dispose of it properly.

No. These are wildlife areas.

No one needs special permission to use the land. However, if you mistreat the land, other users, property on the land, or violate the rules, your access to this land can be removed/revoked.

What we do is forever & Forever is a very long time.™️