What we do is forever & Forever is a very long time. TM

Western Nebraska Conservation Land

Platte River Basin Environments, Inc. (PRBE) is a 501 (c) (3) corporation located in Western Nebraska. PRBE was formed by a group of outdoor sportsmen concerned about the potential fragmentation of important wildlife habitats and natural areas in the North Platte River Basin. The challenge and mission accepted by Platte River Basin Environments is to preserve, conserve, enhance and restore vital wildlife habitat and natural areas within the North Platte River Basin and adjacent drainages.

An Outdoor Lovers Paradise

Our conservation land efforts provide current and future generations the opportunity to enjoy nature walks, hunt, bird watch, identify wild flowers and so much more. Additionally, native wildlife benefits from the protection of thousands of acres of their natural habitat. The efforts of Platte River Basin Environments support free, undeveloped access, for all outdoor lovers. We encourage you to visit Western Nebraska and enjoy our conservation lands.

A Forgotten Landscape

Our Conservation Land Offerings

Enjoy Today — For Tomorrow

Platte River Basin Environments invites you to enjoy our conservation (protected) lands. The natural beauty bestowed to us is for all to enjoy. While you are enjoying the outdoors, we kindly ask that you adhere to all posted signs and help keep the land the way you found it by packing in and packing out. Please note that the conservation lands are not state parks. There are no marked trails or potable water, and open fires are not allowed. These areas are completely primitive.

Enjoy safely and at your own risk.