Cedar Canyon WMA

Cedar Canyon Wildlife Management Area (Cedar Canyon WMA)

Cedar Canyon WMA is located southwest of Gering, Nebraska. The area is approximately 2,225 acres of pine and juniper covered escarpments, meadows, canyons and wooded draws. It is part of a unique and endangered ecosystem and part of a major wildlife corridor extending from Wyoming to Nebraska. 

Mule deer, wild turkeys, bobcats, Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, and numerous other game and nongame species may frequently be seen in the management area.

In 2001 Cedar Canyon became the release site for the reintroduction of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep in the Wildcat Hills of Western Nebraska. Twenty-two bighorn sheep captured in Colorado were released in the management area. The herd now numbers at approximately 40 sheep.

This property is now under the management and control of the Nebraska Game and  Parks Commission.

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