Carter Canyon Ranch

Carter Canyon Ranch is located southwest of Gering, Nebraska. It consists of about 5,700 acres in the Wildcat Hills. It encompasses a unique ecosystem containing an unusual diversity of prairie and mountain plant species. The virgin sod is supported by pristine soil ecosystems uniquely linked to native plant communities. There is a wide diversity of wildlife species supported by this vegetation, and the topography is enhanced by the escarpments located in the middle of the continental split between eastern and western bird species. 

The restoration flock of bighorn sheep introduced into Cedar Canyon Wildlife Management Area (Cedar Canyon WMA) has also found this area to be desirable. A growing number of elk have also taken up residence on the ranch. Mule deer can frequently be found on the open meadows and wooded escarpments.

When the area is opened to the public, the presence of native flora and fauna, fragile soil, natural springs, archaeological resources and geological resources will provide recreational, educational, and interpretive opportunities for individuals to enjoy.