Wildcat Hills Nature Center

Year-Round Education

Located in the beautiful Wildcat Hills of Western Nebraska is the Wildcat Hills State Recreation Area, 10 miles south of Gering, Nebraska on state Hwy 71. Educational programming is available year-round from the staff Outdoor Education Specialist. The Nature Center and State Recreation Area are visited each year by thousands of people and students.

Nature Center Education

The focal point of the park is the Wildcat Hills Nature Center, a two-story educational facility built in 1995 by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission with lots of local financial support. 

Located within the Center proudly stands a two-story Ponderosa Pine replica and beautiful murals by local artist Mary Hunt of the Wildcat Hills and nearby Buffalo Creek Wildlife Management Area depicting their native flora and fauna. Throughout the Nature Center you will find wonderful bird viewing and mounts of indigenous hawks, eagles and owls. In the lower level of the nature center is a diorama of mammals, including the recently re-introduced bighorn sheep, Canada lynx, bobcat and smaller mammals. There is also an aquarium of local fish and a live beehive, as well as many interactive educational displays.