Bead Mountain Ranch

The Bead Mountain Ranch is located south of Gering, Nebraska and east of Highway 71. It encompasses approximately 3,100 acres of the north facing valley slopes of the Wildcat Hills escarpments. It was named for a burial site of plains Indians on a prominent butte found on the property lying to the north of the main range escarpments. Approximately 40 miles of canyons and 3 springs are found on the area, and pine and juniper cover the escarpments. The local Audubon chapter has documented over 120 species of birds visiting or making homes on the ranch. Flocks of mountain blue birds are highly visible from early spring to late fall. Clumps of skunkbush sumac, golden current, and choke cherries can be found in abundance in the canyons and approaches to the escarpments. Wild grapes climb century old cottonwood and pine trees in the canyon spring areas.