Board Members

Board of Directors

Platte River Basin Environments thanks our Board Members for their tireless efforts to support our mission. Our work may never be done so that generations after us will enjoy the land in its natural state. Thank you all for your time and efforts.

Current Board of Directors

Hod Kosman
Bruce Rolls
Bob Smith – Property Manager
Hunter Kosman
Russ Smith
John Hoehne
George Ziemans
Gerri Ziemans

Counsel & Past Board Members

Chris Becker
Jim Cannia
Cross Families
Steve Donovan
Jim Douglas
Butch Ellis
Scott Brandt
Michael Forsberg
Doug Frey
Mace Hack
Anne James
Steve Kerr
Randy Kleager
Steve Knode
Roy Lyles
Ken Mayberry
Jim McCole
Russ McKeehan
Brad McKinney
Emily Munter
Todd Nordeen
Tom Petersen
Amanda Pilipi
Pat Reece
Grant Reiner
Steve Sibray
Gerry Steinauer
Bob Wilson